Will Martin is an independent psychohistorian who resides in Saratoga Springs, NY, and has a special interest in early American history. The author received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, is a decorated combat veteran, and has spent a lifetime studying the lives and behavior of everyday people, past and present, in an effort to make sense of the wonderful and mysterious world that surrounds us all. Benedict Arnold: Legacy Lost (A Ghost’s Story) is his first novel. He is also the founder of Legacy Lost Publishing, dedicated to the publication of information about the Colonial and American Revolutionary Era.

Nearing the end of a public career in government, the author looks forward to beginning the final chapter of his life’s trilogy, simply titled: “Retirement.”

During the first chapter of his trilogy, titled “Growth and Education,” he was born and raised in a blue-collar community in western New York, attending public schools. Coming of age in the late '60s, he served a tour of duty as an infantryman in Vietnam, for which he was awarded a Purple Heart and the Silver Star. The author subsequently graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. During the years covering the second chapter, titled “Family and Responsibility,” he moved to the upstate New York community of Saratoga Springs, obtained gainful employment in State Government, married, and dedicated himself to raising five children.

As he began to seriously consider the prospect of retirement and gazed into the fog covered shroud that blocks a clear vision of his final chapter, he was blessed with a discovery of yet another passion: creative writing.

As a beginning to this newfound passion, the author dedicated a portion of the last six years writing his first manuscript, Benedict Arnold: Legacy Lost (A Ghost’s Story); while doing so, he discovered an era that he knew little of, and want to know more about.

Consequently, Will Martin now knows what he will spend the rest of his life doing: researching the lives of early American characters of history, and developing more works of historical fiction that will uncover other, as-of-yet untapped, history mysteries.

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